Accelera is a fairly new creation. A combination drug of traditional earth-cocaine and a specific nanotech bug, nothing exists like it.


Accelera is often administered as a nanotech suspended in a gel-capsule compound. It is generally sold with an accompanying battery pin. A skilled user takes the battery pin and effectively jump-charges the nanotech and immediately ingests the gel-capsule. The capsule protects the nanotech from stomach acid, and the tech immediately begins to effect the user.

Accelera is a combination amphetamine and technological upper. The consistent description that people express is one of time slowing down while they themselves continue at normal speed. It has a tradition of expanded cognitive function, awareness, sensitivity and respiration.

The ‘high’ from Accelera lasts up to an hour, although chronic users may find it only lasts a few minutes, though generally users always feel like the amount of high lasts hours. The drug has a severe accompanying low, that may last between 6 and 24 hours, chronic users may develop shakes, loss of appetite and vomiting. The down can be alleviated by immediate usage of another dose.

Accelera is utilized not only recreationally, but is sometimes considered an effective combat stimulant when higher cognitive ability is desireable.


Cultivation of the gel-compound is actually the most difficult part of devising a hit of Accelera. It consists of a special suspension of cocaine and chemical stabilizers that are expressly illegal, and are very easy to track. By contrast the nano-tech element is relatively simple to refine. The profit from Accelera is extreme however, and often illegal crime cartels create entire ships or bases for the creation and smuggling of Accelera to market.

Accelera doses cost around


The origins of Accelera are not well known, the drug has only been around for a relatively short time, less than 20 standard years. It is very popular with youth and adults alike. By age 20, more than 60% of most spacefaring populations have at least had contact with Accelera.


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