Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is hardly a new development in humankind’s existance. Long both revered and feared throughout history, AI has given, and taken much.

The oft touted science-fiction dream of many a generation’s scientist and movie maker, artificial intelligence was not developed until quite late into the 22nd century. The UN of the time stipulated quite stringent and specific requirements for development into computer sentience.

All AI were hard-coded with Asimovian Laws, which for an extended amount of time precluded them from attaining proper sentience. Noted Dr. Gibson postulated that for AI to be truly considered sentient, and beyond their difference-engine brains, they would have to demonstrate a number of ‘human’ characteristics.

AI had to demonstrate an ability to learn.
An ability to create from nothing.
An ability to dream.

Under these regulations, AI did not develop into ‘sentience’ for quite a long time, it was the final rule which was a common stumbling block. That said, for those who did not subscribe to Dr. Gibson’s criteria, the beginnings of a seed, or ‘uplifted’ AI had long been in the making.

Artificial Intelligence

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