Bone Alteration

Bone Alteration is a Subdermal enhancement.


Bone alteration has long standing practice in modern medicine. With the advent of technology to regrow calcium, it was only a matter of time before medical professionals devised ways to growing other mineral compounds stronger, tougher, or more flexible than bone-calcium.


Bone alteration is common among marines, grunts and other labourers who tend to do a tremendous amount of manual effort. Traditional human bone density is around 1500 m-3 (at the hip bone where measurements are commonly taken). Density can be altered to refine this number either back to normatives, which is especially important for humans who spend a tremendous amount of their time in zero-g environments, or by introducing other molecular compounds to get this number even higher.


Silver is the most common, and among the cheapest of Bone Alterations. Application of silver micro-crystal, induced to grow along the bones at the patients discretion can increase bone density to as high as 2500 m-3. The use of silver must be carefully treated, less silver poisoning occur, and growth takes between 3 and 4 months to 50% sheathe the majority of patient bones. The other 50% grows in over 2 years.

Micro-Carbon, or Diamond is also a common Bone Alteration. Pressure from the patient’s own body helps transform the micro-silicates of carbon into diamond which adhere to the pre-existing calcium bones. It brings density to around 2250 m-3, but adds a certain amount of hardness as synthetic diamond as a bonus. Micro-Carbon alteration however tends not to create a perfect sheathe, and may create inadverdent weak points in the skeleton.

Bone Alteration

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