Crown Jewel of the Galaxy. Home of all humans, the primordial ooze world from which all life began.

Also, a shithole.

Earth now holds some fifteen billion, screaming, deprecating, dilapidated souls on or in its wasting crust. The stinking filth of humans pervades the entire planet, and almost all of the once fertile or natural land has been consumed by urban structure. Indeed, many people of Earth would be hard pressed to identify the nations within which they live except for those separated by continent.

The oceans are at a level historically lower than ever before, and resources such as water, food, even oxygen are imported from off-planet at an ever increasing rate. People clamour to escape the tight confines of Earth-life and explore the stars, but the UEC maintains tight controls on extra-planetary emigration.

The continents of Earth are covered in cityscape and urban/suburbanization.

Important Locations

Site Mexico – Ground zero of the detonated Antimatter bomb over Mexico City during the North American Civil War. Occupied by a large antimatter variance travel to the area is expressly forbidden. Strange gravimetric anomalies occupy the detonation site and are known to suck most metals, even inert ones into its depths to disappear. Despite this a thriving tourism trade and theme park exist just outside the anomaly.

The Flail – Original name of the first Space-Ladder complex, while no longer in use as a system to achieve super-orbit in the Earth atmosphere, the Flail is a pseudo-archeology that boasts almost two billion living beings in a series of complicated labyrinthine maze apartments and condominiums. The Flail is considered the traditional home of the middle class of Earthling, the higher you go, the better off you are.

Church of the One – Religious holy site that sits approximately a kilometre above Jerusalem. A perfectly crafted sphere, the Atrium of the Church holds a supposed untold technological mystery of the universe bringing it’s bishops close to God. The Church of the One originated at this place.


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