The history of Dusters diverges from our own timeline with the discovery of Gate technology. First with Waygates, and later with Railgates.


Rough timeline outline here.

2078 – End of the North America Revolution. Generally thought of as when the first, and last Earthen Antimatter Bomb was dropped on Mexico City. The North American Armistice was signed two days later.

2082 – Elaine Guerrero hypothesizes, after seeing first hand the power of the Antimatter Bomb, that a sublight engine capable of self-perpetuating itself is possible.

2095 – First successful test of an Antimatter Drive Engine, spurs the First Reach

2426 – A Drifter Adrian Smithson discovers the first Waygate, shooting himself hundreds of light years through space in moments.

2450 – The beginnings of establishing the Waygate system. Wide ranging establishing of these technological marvels spurs the Second Reach

2590 – Almost a hundred and fifty years later, the Second Reach begins to draw to a close, Waygates in major systems having largely been explored, Humanity is a trillion beings spread across the stars.

2601 – War of the Raven. Declaring independence from the Earth Conglomerate, fifty systems across the ’Way revolt, leading to forty years of widespread interstellar warfare.

2638 – A human Archeology orbiting Irdi12 goes dark. In the midst of warfare, no one notices. Over the next year, six other Arc’s go dark, four mining platforms, and one shipyard. No one notices.

2639 – Dubbed the ‘Icebreaking’ a mysterious fleet somehow drops out of a Waygate, striking out at water manufacturing facilities on Pluto. The War of the Raven ends with the surprise attack in Sol System by this fleet. The First AI War Begins.

2642 – The Memnar Strike. Sixteen Raven pilots, originally tasked with defending the Memnar system against incursion suddenly go rogue. After a prolonged space battle above the Memnar colony orbiting the gas giant, two Raven pilots bring the Bearinger shipyard crashing into the colony, killing six million people in a moment. A turning point in the war, from this point onwards for the next 4 years the UED and all of Humanity is on the defensive.

2644 – The Battle of Gateway. The largest AI fleet ever seen explodes into Gateway. Disabling and completely destroying half of the 24 Waygates in system. Colonies across the galaxy go dark, some of them for a very long time.

2645 – The Illumiati mysteriously pulls out of the war. A broadcast on their behalf explains they have reached an truce agreement on Illumiati interests with the AIs, and have withdrawn from the war. They refuse to discuss it further, but no further attacks happen on Illumiati colonies or developments.

2646 – The Battle of Mars. The culmination of the AI War. Considered by many to be Earth’s Last Stand, much of the UEC fleet meets the AI Fleet 1 in orbit over Mars. The battle goes on over four days, reinforcements from across the sector arrive for the humans. None for the AI Fleet. In humanity’s eleventh hour, with only a few dozen still battle capable vessels left, the neigh victorious AI abruptly leave the battle. Detonating a subspace bomb unseen before, they spontaneously jump out of system. An automated drone informs humanity not to follow.

2650 – Four years after the end of the AI war, technologist Nathanial Stark, a scientist who survived the Battle of Mars successfully demonstrates the theory behind the subspace bomb, allowing for a controlled wormhole and the first steps in the development of Railgates.

2652 – Automated drone buoys are discovered outside the triangle sector of the Mirrin System, The God’s Eye Nebula, and the Orrin Reach. The UEC declares it hostile space and names it Sector 18. Pilots are forbidden from coming within ten light years of the Sector.

2670 – The Deployment of the Railgate system is successful. Gateway is now back to nearly full operating capacity since the Battle of Gateway. Many systems are still considered lost, but a battered humanity pushes forward. The Third Reach begins.

2678 – A battered Ferrous strip miner makes a discovery deep in the P208 Asteroid Belt. A large, possibly on the order of a hundred tons or more embryo appears to be sleeping in P208. Scattered telemetry makes it back to the UEC, attempts to find the embryo or the miner prove fruitless, both have since disappeared. The incident is regarded as a hoax, but whispers begin of something out there.


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