Why tie up your hands with a shield when you can have a shield put into you? That’s the basis of plating in a nutshell. Micro-shields of varying materials are embedded just below the skin level and offer protection from a variety of damage sources.

It is important to note that shielding will not protect against radiation or energy damage, as the epidermis remains unprotected.

Types of Plating

Plasticweave, the most common type of plating. Plasticweave are microfilaments of plastic that are woven together to create a kinetic barrier. Plasticweave is especially handy because it can be moulded to a variety of shapes, allowing it to cover joints and junctures in the body over muscle groups. It absorbs a certain amount of base kinetic damage, and is especially handy at repelling a number of repeated low-impact blows. Plasticweave is considered unsporting in a fistfight.


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